Leasing Agreements

Leasing Explained
If you are interested in a photocopier / MFD / printer / scanner which costs more than $1,000 then you may wish to consider leasing the equipment. Rather than purchasing outright in one lump sum, the machine is paid for in monthly installments. Leasing is a tax-efficient way of purchasing equipment and additionally provides an easy upgrade path to ensure your equipment is kept up-to-date. Service agreement are part of this popular way of financing.

The Benefits Of Leasing
Equipment leasing is favored by many US businesses. By purchasing your equipment on a lease option, you not only help cash-flow by spreading the cost over several months (12 months to up to 63 months) but it is also a far more tax-efficient way to fund the purchase of large equipment.

In contrast to leasing, when purchasing outright, the capital amount is effectively tied up in depreciating equipment. Office Systems lease agreements have a flexibility which means that, should you feel the need to upgrade your equipment after a period of time you can often re-visit the lease agreement and replace the equipment with little effect on your repayments. Many customers after either growth or reassessment find a renewed lease doesn't effect payment that greatly.  We find that this allows businesses to adapt their fleet of photocopiers, printers, MFDs and scanners to continuously meet their evolving business needs.

Can I Lease?
If you are an established business (usually at least 2 years in business) with a good trading history then leasing is almost certainly a possibility for you. Once we have agreed equipment requirements and cost we will propose the lease to one of our established finance partners (GE Capital, DLL, US Bank, Puget Sound Leasing and more) and establish the most appropriate option for you. Once the normal credit checks and company searches have been performed the lease will be approved agreed to signed/accepted and the new equipment will be delivered to your office.

To apply for equipment financing Click here:                                             

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Should your financial needs be short term Office Systems offers the following terms based on approved customers only: Should any of the terms listed below not suit your particular situation Contact your Office Systems sales rep here for more information.

Half down Half in 30 days
Half down Half in 60 days, requires a finance fee of $100
Half down Half in 90 days, requires a finance fee of $200

Quarter down balance in 3 equal payments, requires a finance fee of $200
Third down balance in 2 equal payments, requires a finance fee of $100

Typically this type of transaction is reserved for customers who do not posses credit worthy of leasing and where the transaction amount is less than $2500. Contact your Office Systems sales rep here for more information.

Now with the IRS changes you can take advantage of new Section 179, click "Request now"  Button.
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