You've received the Office Systems offer for post installment network support. Read and move to the below information boxes. Fill these out click "agree" and you'll be enrolled in Office Systems TECH+ program. Thank you.
User agreement IT Services Engagement contract
General Purpose. The general purpose of this Agreement is to engage the services of Office Systems to perform the services described in Schedule A. 
You, the customer within this agreement is/are referred to as the “user”, or, “end-user”
Schedule A:  Limited to the service support and management of software only related to print or scan limited to only the manufacture of the copier that comes with or is part of the support from and provided by the manufacture either by delivery in disk form with the copier or provided by a web-site of the said manufacture. All of the foregoing is provided at your place of business.
Term: To mirror the remaining months left on the existing regular service agreement covering “the copier”. Compensation: a monthly fee of $49 per month will be added to the existing regular service agreement covering “the copier”.
What it Covers:  All PC workstations and lap-top additions to your network for scanning and printing applications, Re-application of drivers due to software changes. Re-application of software drivers related to scanning/eMail scanning. Re-configuration of network settings related to scan to Email via copier. Scan to email configuration or reconfiguration due to router replacement, change of internet provider or equipment modification or equipment upgrade. Adding additional devices to your network. Changes to you network or router. Firewall changes that effect network changes. Microsoft changes to affect your network print and scan settings. Password changes that effect network. Changes to network internet providers. Service calls relating to changes to the email account the copier uses to connect to the outgoing mail server for scan to email, i.e. password/username changes. Department code configuration. Configuration of the windows firewall to allow scanning from the copier to laptop’s/workstations. Operating System feature add to allow access from the computer to the shared file storage area on the copier. Creation of desktop shortcuts on laptops/workstations to the shared file storage area on the copier. MicroSoft and Macintosh software drivers included. 
What it excludes: Address book additions or deletions for email/fax contacts. Installation or configuration of Application software not provided by the said copier manufacturer.
Confidentiality. All data and information in any format submitted or made available to Office Systems by user or any other person on behalf of user, unless otherwise publicly available, and all data and information, and other work developed by Office Systems under this Agreement, shall be utilized by Office Systems solely in connection with the performance of services under this Agreement only and shall not be made available by Office Systems to any other person. 
Data Security. All facilities and other resources used to store and/or process user Data will employ reasonable and appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards, to secure such data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and use.
Effective Date. The effective date of this agreement shall be the date of “click” to the submit button on the website (http://www.oslongview.com/netsupport.html) AKA: this form.
Indemnification. User shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Office Systems and its trustees, officers, agents, and employees from all suits, actions, or claims of any character, name, or description, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses, brought on account of any injuries, damage or loss (real or alleged) sustained by any person or persons for any act whether accidental or otherwise leading to loss of data.
Termination. Office Systems may terminate this Agreement at any time without cause, upon written 30 day notice to end user.
Assignment. This Agreement may not be assigned by end user without the express prior written permission of Office Systems, to be granted at Office Systems sole discretion. This agreement is however transferrable to any receiver of Office Systems if applicable.
In witness thereof the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed by clicking “submit” their respective duly authorized representative(s). 

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Printed Name: Office Systems c/o Ken Holly
Title: Owner
Phone: 360.578.2100
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1427 15th Ave., Longview, WA 98632

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