MeterASSIST is our flagship feature that takes the management out of managing your copier. MeterASSIST is free and automatically reports your meter, tracks toner usage, (notifies us know when you’re out), and tracks mis-feeds and other reliability issues that help keep your copier up and running at its finest.

Jet SMS call tracking is a “techie” method to posting a service call. You can visit our website at and place a service call, then receive a confirmation text with an estimate as to when your call will be performed. Look for the “jet” logo.                                                      technology only from Office Systems. 

eInvoicing is one of our most popular feature! Go paperless and request your invoicing to be sent via eMail.

Web meter reporting is another handy tool. Can’t take our call? Can’t return an email? It’s okay! Our website gives you the option to report your meters online. Accessible on our website you’ll find the link by clicking the “input meters” button on our main page! 

GREEN matters: Our list of GREEN initiatives range from paperless invoicing to a cartridge recycling program. More information is accessible on our website at the following link. 

Chat link allows you to chat with a live agent Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:15am to 4:00pm every day. Just hop on and click the chat box in the bottom right hand corner. Any question or concern and an agent will go to work for an answer.

This additional product offering takes the place of your fax line while using your current fax number. Get your faxes routed through email, send a fax through email and even receive a text message when you get a new fax. It’s all included! Packages range from $9.95 to $14.95 per month for a high volume. This feature can save you up to $50.00 per month.                                                             support technology only from Office Systems. 

QuikDriver: : This resource allows accessibility to any and all drivers (Toshiba customers only) on our website at the following link 

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We couldn't be more excited that you're here. The service features mentioned here are services and support features that will take the "manage" out of managing your copier.
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Enable your copier, fax, or printer with Office Systems QR reader scan bar. You don't even have to pick up the phone if you don't want to.  Just grab your  Smart-Phone and scan your QR label. We already know your device, your location, the model number, and where within your operation your troubled device is.  Next, select the area of trouble type hit "send this call" and like magic your call is placed and in the support Que. 
                                                "Next level" support technology only from Office Systems.